Arctic Terns in Flight

Arctic Terns in Flight

Arctic Terns in Flight

A colony of Arctic Terns spend the summer and breed at Low Newton by the Sea here in Northumberland every year. I always enjoy taking a trip up here to watch their in-flight antics and squabbles and try to capture these impressive moments.

The photograph above is one of my favourite of these images with both bird’s heads in focus and looking at each other, and I love the pose of the upper bird and the way its long tail feathers are curving upwards, set against a clear blue sky.

Arctic Terns in Flight Print

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2 Responses to Arctic Terns in Flight

  1. Angus Forrest says:

    Would you be able to create Christmas cards from this picture of Terns (210×14 mm), with message printed inside, if so when would they be ready and how much would it cost with envelopes for 100. If not would you licence the image? if so what would it cost for 100.

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