Sanderling Running on Beach – Bird Print

Sanderling Bird Print


I am always thrilled while watching Sanderling running along the beach. These small waders look so comical running around picking up food in the wet sand then legging it when the next wave breaks on the shoreline.

I normally photograph these birds running to the side, but on this occasion I sat waiting on the tideline as the tide was coming in and watched as the sanderlings approached me head-on. This shot is my favourite with a single bird leaning into the wind as it approached me. I really like the composition created by the bubbles in the wet sand. Photographed at Whitley Bay in Northumberland.

Sanderling Bird Print

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5 Responses to Sanderling Running on Beach – Bird Print

  1. Expression says:

    Another top photo Nigel, I will soon run out of adjectives to describe your work. You have a “natural” talent.

  2. segmation says:

    HI Nigel,
    What a neat photo on the beach! Check out my blog Sand and Beach as well, Thanks for allowing my comment!

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