Barn Owl Print

Barn Owl Print

Hunting Barn Owl

There is often a lot of luck involved in wildlife and bird photography and being in the right place at the right time. This photograph of a Barn Owl hovering while hunting for voles is such a case. I was driving past Cresswell pond in Northumberland one evening as the sun was setting and noticed this barn owl hunting. I was lucking enough to be in the perfect position so the golden light of the setting sun was shining through the owl’s wing feathers which are enhanced by the dark green in the background.

It is always a great pleasure to watch these silent birds in flight and try to photograph them.

Barn Owl Print

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2 Responses to Barn Owl Print

  1. Expression says:

    Another great picture Nigel, and the colour of the bird fits perfectly with the foreground as well. I always look forward to seeing your wildlife photos, thanks.

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