The Kingfisher Returns

Kingfisher Photograph


In my last post I mentioned the anticipation and return of kingfishers to my local patch. Here is one of the first images I managed to capture in the warm morning sunlight of a juvenile male kingfisher sitting on its favourite perch. I was lucky to get this photograph because when I arrived at the hide, the shutters were closed, I peered out through a gap in the wood and spotted this kingfisher, but if I had opened the shutters I would have scared him off. There is a three inch hole in the hide at ground level, so I lay down on the hide floor under the seats and tried to manually focus my lens peering through this hole with my head at 90 degrees – not the most comfortable position! Luckily I managed to get a few shots in focus before he flew off!

After the kingfisher had flown, I opened the hide shutters and sat waiting for his return, but after five hours wait I had to give up. I have learned to accept that in wildlife photography, this is the norm, and you have to put in many hours waiting in the field, often without much luck!

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