Prowling Fox in Snow – Black & White Print

Fox Monochrome Print

Red Fox on the Prowl

Winter is almost here again and the chances of snowfall are approaching. Will we experience the snow we have had the past two winters, I wonder? For wildlife photography, the snowy conditions can really make some great photographs. A bird or animal can really stand out when surrounded by the white of the snow without any distractions or other colours in the scene, and this contrast focuses our attention onto the main subject.

I’ve been looking through some of the photographs I have taken over the last couple of winters and found this image of a red fox prowling in the snow and decided to convert the image to black and white. This increases the contrast even more to bring out the detail in the foxes fur. I particularly like the eye-contact of this fox. It has just heard the clicks of my camera shutter and is looking directly where the sound has come from, but I was hidden in a hide so it did not see me. The unusual sound of my camera was enough to stop this fox coming any closer; it just turned around and walked off.

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2 Responses to Prowling Fox in Snow – Black & White Print

  1. This is a beautiful image that really draws you in. Well done.

  2. terricallsen says:

    I love all of your photos. I shared your site 🙂

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