Blue Tit Bird Print

Blue Tit Bird Print

Blue Tit

These small common british birds look stunning during the winter when they are in full breeding plumage ready for the spring. They are so colourful and energetic, always on the move and never staying still for very long. I always find these birds a bit of a challenge to photograph, even though they are used to people and will allow you to get quite close.

This photograph of a blue tit on a branch was taken just before it flew across to a nearby peanut feeder. I particularly like the angle of view showing the top of its back and tail, while the head is at a nice angle.

Blue Tit Bird Print

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Red Squirrel Print

Red Squirrel Print

Red Squirrel

Here is another one of my red squirrel prints photographed while on holiday at Ballater in Scotland. After a couple of nice sunny days I woke up this particular morning to find 18 inches of snow had fallen overnight! I decided, instead of heading out looking for wildlife to photograph, I would stay in the hotel and put some peanuts out on the rooms balcony hoping to attract some birds. After plenty of visits from tits and chaffinches this cute red squirrel turned up giving me some great photographic opportunities of these animals in the falling snow. And all from the warm comfort of my accommodation!

Red Squirrel Print

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The Watching Kingfisher Print

Kingfisher Print


I think everyone I know loves Kingfishers, and who can blame them, they are such colourful birds with their brilliant orange breasts and iridescent blues that change colour depending on the light; sometimes blue, sometimes green!

I don’t see them very often, so it is always a thrill to see that flash-of-blue as a kingfisher flies past you along a river. In mid summer after they have bred, I sometimes have the opportunity to get very close views and take photographs from a hide at a local nature reserve. A new family of kingfishers will make their way upstream to the lake and spend some time learning to fish from the conveniently placed branches in front of the hide.

After a couple of weeks they seem to appear less often during the day and only show at dawn or dusk when the light is poor, then there are fewer and fewer sightings the rest of the year until the next summer.

Watching Kingfisher Print

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Sanderling Running on Beach – Bird Print

Sanderling Bird Print


I am always thrilled while watching Sanderling running along the beach. These small waders look so comical running around picking up food in the wet sand then legging it when the next wave breaks on the shoreline.

I normally photograph these birds running to the side, but on this occasion I sat waiting on the tideline as the tide was coming in and watched as the sanderlings approached me head-on. This shot is my favourite with a single bird leaning into the wind as it approached me. I really like the composition created by the bubbles in the wet sand. Photographed at Whitley Bay in Northumberland.

Sanderling Bird Print

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Waxwing Print

Waxwing Print


One of my favourite winter visitors to Britain are the Waxwings. They are such charismatic birds with beautiful plumage, crest and trilling calls. They are also fairly tolerant to people and will allow a close approach. I caught up with a few of these last winter on a housing estate in Ashington, Northumberland.

I liked this particular photograph because of the freshly fallen snow on the branches of this tree and the beautiful colours of the blue sky and pink hues of the buds and twigs surrounding the waxwing.

Waxwing Print and Waxwing Greeting Card

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Reed Warbler – Black and white Print

Reed Warbler Print

Reed Warbler

In the spring the Reed Warblers arrive back and stake their claim to a patch of reeds in my local Nature Reserve near Newcastle upon Tyne. This is my favourite time of the year. I love to just sit and listen to these birds singing away, usually well hidden in the reeds.

I managed to capture this photograph of a male reed warbler on a windy day while the reeds were swaying to and fro. I had to manually focus on the swaying bird and click the shutter when the reeds in front were not obscuring the bird. I only managed a couple of images out of a series when the warbler was both in focus and not hidden.

This is one of my favourite photographs I have taken of this species and I love how the out of focus reeds have created a dreamy effect.

Reed Warbler – Monochrome Print

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Red Fox in the Snow Print

Red Fox Print

Red Fox in the Snow

I photographed this stunning Red Fox during the winter snow as it was hunting for something to eat. I was sitting in a hide at my local nature reserve in Northumberland photographing tits and nuthatches at a feeder when I noticed this fox, obviously attracted by the all the activity of the birds.

The fox walked directly towards me before realising I was there. It probably heard the sound of my camera’s shutter, then it turned around and walked off the way it had come.

Red Fox Print

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